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      Exhibition 〉The 17th China Xiamen International Stone Fair
      The 17th China Xiamen International Stone Fair

      The 17th Xiamen Stone Fair successfully concluded at the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center on 9th March.


      The fair, which boasts 9,300 booths, has attracted more than 2,000 of the leading stone suppliers and manufacturers from 56 countries and regions worldwide. The number of merchants from home and abroad reached up to 150,000.


      JTD Group attended the stone fair with varieties of unique stone. With 120 m2 booth in the domestic exhibition hall and 40 m2 in the international hall, JTD was highly recognized for its professionalism, abundant resource and products with South African characteristics.


      The success of Xiamen Stone Fair makes Xiamen famous as "global stone center", which is helpful for the development of local economy and the progress of the exhibition industry. On one hand, the abundant industrial resource makes contribute to the development of Xiamen Stone Fair; on the other hand, Xiamen Stone Fair was held each year successfully, which also bring facilities for local companies to exploit global market, learn about the latest technology and trends. The matured mode of Xiamen Stone Fair has brought Xiamen city rich exhibition experience, helped to give full play to regional advantage and cultivate more featured conferences and exhibitions, and forcefully stimulated local economic growth. Drawing on this successful mode, Xiamen keeps innovating and makes improvement to progress toward the International center of conference and exhibition.