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      Business 〉Quarry
      Introduction Elements Show

      Olive Green

      Orginal Place:South Africa
      Figure:Green/White striation
      Ground Colour:Green
      Annual production capacity:10000m3
      Exploitation:Preparation of large area mining
      Proposed use of space:Indoor walls ,Outdoor walls, Floors, washbasin and so on
      Product description:After the examination of the kinds of products ,We know that density: 2.79 g/cm3, water absorption rate: 0.39%, compressive strength: 217.64Mpa, flexural strength: 16.50Mpa.The distribution of our products in light grey or green with white cloud-like and regular or irregular streaks of ink,  just like painting of the ancient painters. Which are ancient, pure, beauty and elegance. Its main characteristics is the structure of dense, high compressive strength and low water absorption, surface hardness, good chemical stability, small color differences. This category of products having various processing with low loss, good boards tailor, low tile breakage rate and difficult to weather. It could be used for indoor and outdoor decoration. It also can be used as plate decoration or household surface, wall hanging, floor decoration because of its eco-friendly features, excellent material, beautiful appearance. It can widely used in the decorations of hotel, upscale clubs, and villas.