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      Business 〉Quarry
      Introduction Elements Show

      Kalahari Gold

      Orginal Place:South Africa
      Ground Colour:Cream colour
      Annual production capacity:20000m3
      Exploitation:large area mining
      Proposed use of space:Indoor walls ,Outdoor walls, Floors, Stairs , Countertops, Steps and so on
      Product description:After the examination of the kinds of products , we know that density: 2.67g/cm3, water absorption rate: 0.33%, compressive strength: 207.14.0Mpa, flexural strength: 14.50Mpa.

      The product features: tough, extremely high glossiness, and  its figure are  very natural, exotic, and unique. The product is commonly used for floors, stairs, pedestals of tomb, steps and so on. It is more used for the decoration of walls of indoor or outdoor, floors, surfaces of column and so