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CCTV Punched in Industrial Heritage of DSIC

DSIC was founded in 1898. As one of earliest industrial buildings in Dalian, the south ship repair dock was built the next year and has been used until now. DSIC is also know as the “Cradle of Naval Vessels”, and has witnessed about 80 First in the shipbuilding history of China, including the first 10000ton vessel, the first export vessel, the first guided missile submarine, the first guided missile destroyer, the first aircraft carrier Liaoning and the first domestic-built aircraft carrier Shandong. The south ship repair dock was no longer used as the main dock for ship repair in the 21st century, but could still accommodate the maintenance and repair of vessels below 5000t. The 122 year old south ship repair dock was known as the living fossil in the modern ship building history of China.

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